Mr. Georg Walder

Managing Director (R&D), INVENOX GmbH


Georg Walder is one of the five founders of INVENOX. His main contribution to the overall technology of INVENOX is the excellent Battery-Management-System (BMS). With this knowledge, within the company, he is responsible for research and development of the electronic components. The core algorithms of the BMS, which are based on a Kalmanfilter, have been developed during his PhD program at the Chair of Automotive Technology at the Technical University of Munich which was focussed on raising the efficiency in energy storage systems. Alongside his first year in the PhD program, he developed technical management skills as head of development for BMS at LION Smart. Before starting his PhD, he was enrolled in the degree program for electrical engineering an information technology also at the Technical University of Munich.


CONCHIFERA: Inherently safe battery systems with outstanding energy density.

INVENOX develops, produces and distributes innovative lithium-ion battery storage systems for mobile working and construction machines and the professional maritime industry. Therefore, INVENOX developed its unique cell clamping technology with no need for welding or laser welding. This assembling method unites the low assembling effort of bigger prismatic cells with the advantage of high energy density of small cylindrical cells, for advanced batteries. High energy density in relation to mass and volume is given on the one hand through the high energy density within the cylindrical cells whilst on the other hand through the compact arrangement of cells following the assembling technology.

In the assembling process, a large number of standardized 18650 lithium-ion battery cells, placed in a modular plastic structure, is clamped between two aluminium circuit boards. These are fitted with an electrically and thermally conductive polymer, operating as contacting material on the poles of each cell. The thermally conductive contacting material allows a high thermal coupling to antagonize the hotspot in the cell, while no complex cooling system is necessary. The contacting material additionally equalizes tolerances and vibrations for an even better performance.

Along with this method the battery storage systems of INVENOX convince with the three-level safety concept. Firstly, small chemical mass in the single cell reduce risks. Moreover, the battery module is intrinsically safe. This is accomplished with single cell fuses. In the event of a short circuit, the fuse for the single cell melts, putting the cell out of the module circuit while all other cells in the module remain unharmed. Lastly, additional safety components as the BMS with parallel monitoring on two separate levels or the HV panelboard and the extinguishing device ensure maximum reliability.

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