Mr. Peter Rawlinson

Engineering Manager Hazardous Locations, UL International (UK) Ltd.


Peter Rawlinson first served a craft electrical apprenticeship in the electrical switchgear industry.  This led to the study of electrical and electronic engineering at Liverpool John Moores University where he graduated in 1994 where he returned to work in the high power test laboratories for 2 years.  In 1996 he began his career in the hazardous locations industry, and has been working in several certification and notified bodies since.


Batteries have been in use in many applications for decades.  More recently the drive towards autonomous functionality is driving a cable-less world towards smart battery technology. 

With this drive to greater charge densities comes the associated hazards with having such very high energy sources in explosive atmospheres.  Currently, the standards for hazardous locations are struggling to keep pace with the technologies being developed by battery scientists and manufacturers, and organisations such as UL are constantly trying to ensure we all live and work in an ever safer world, regardless of whether you are on a hoverboard in the street, or on an isolated gas or oil platform in middle of the North Sea. 

These drivers towards a safer world also cause inertia to the development and use of the latest technological advancements.  In this presentation we go some way to help explain who UL is, and what we do, along with how the current standards are written to try to ensure the highest levels of safety for offshore personnel, and what developments within the standards are on the horizon.

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