Dr. Victor R Koch

Founder and President, Covalent Associates, Inc.


Over the past 25 years Dr. Koch has directed R&D in the field of ionic liquid-based electrolytes for electrochemical portable power sources, e.g., batteries, capacitors and fuel cells.  His 75+ publications, review articles and patents have led to numerous invited presentations worldwide.  Most recently he has concluded patent licensing agreements under the company’s ionic liquid IP with industrial partners in Europe, North America and Asia.


High Temperature Li-ion Batteries for Downhole Drilling Applications

Covalent Associates Inc. and SpectraPower LLC have partnered to build prototype Li-ion cells designed to operate at temperatures as high as 250ºC.  Performance in these cells was documented at 140ºC before the test packaging failed. Proper hermetic packaging will enable ultra-high temperature performance. 

These high temperature Li-ion prototypes rely on a combination of three intersecting battery technologies:

1.  Binder-free electrodes:  SpectraPower has developed a unique and proprietary binder-free technology that employs graphene-like materials as opposed to organic polymers such as PVdF. Such electrodes can withstand temperatures in excess of 250ºC as well as the strong mechanical vibrations that are common downhole.

2.  Ionic liquid-based electrolytes:  Covalent’s advanced ionic liquid battery electrolytes have the highest thermal stability yet recorded revealing no weight loss under conditions of isothermal soak at temperatures of 350ºC.

3.  High-temperature separators:  SpectraPower employs a non-woven, third generation separator material compatible with Covalent’s electrolytes at temperatures up to 300ºC.

This presentation will address novel materials and methodologies that enable ultra-high temperature Li-ion battery performance.


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