Mr. Nathan Waissman

Technical Sales Manager, FastCAP Systems


Nathan Waissman has graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSEE, and worked in semiconductor industry in Automated Test Equipment with an emphasis on testing various IC’s and subsystems. After acquiring MBA from University of Phoenix, Nathan expanded his responsibility scope into Technical Marketing/Sales while maintaining high technical acumen. Nathan has joined FastCap in 2017 as a Technical Sales Manager after being in Energy Storage Ultracapacitor sector for numerous years and already has been instrumental in streamlining the needed requirements for market expansion and acceptance of the unique features of High Temp ultracapacitors offered by the company.


FastCAP began work under a multimillion-dollar grant from the DOE ARPA-E to develop its novel ultracapacitor technology for electrified drivetrain vehicles. FastCAP was awarded another grant from the DOE Geothermal Technologies Program in 2011 to develop a cutting-edge power system for geothermal energy exploration.

After only two years of development under its ARPA-E program, FastCAP had broken four performance records related to the power and energy density of its cells. FastCAP has gone on to achieve an additional world record related to its work in geothermal energy system development. These breakthrough performance characteristics have laid the foundation for FastCAP's unique product solutions across the energy spectrum, from vehicles to energy exploration and consumer electronics.

FastCAP developed the first ultracap products in the world able to operate reliably for thousands of hours at 150°C. We have successfully deployed ultracapacitors downhole in a drilling well. The ultracaps were used in FastCAPs custom downhole tool that incorporates advanced power electronics to provide up to 200W of output power without the need for additional or high-rate battery packs, a feat made possible by our high reliability ultracapacitor technology. The higher power capabilities, along with flexible control software, enable the driller to achieve higher data rates, longer battery lifetime and more reliable EM reception all of which can save time, money and resources and make the difference between successful and unsuccessful MWD.

The ultracapacitors have been successful across the United States and Canada in some of the harshest temperature, shock, vibration and environments for EM technology. The capacitors can currently operate at temperatures up to 150°C and are available in a variety of form factors and temperature ranges. FastCAP can provide custom solutions (including modules) and services as well.

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