Mr. Gareth Hackett, MBA

Head of Sales, EAS Batteries GmbH


Gareth started out in rechargeable batteries at Energizer Rechargeable Products in the UK back in 1994, before moving to Germany with Energizer in 1996. Since then he has held senior positions in charger (RRC) and power supply companies (SLPE), renewable energies/solar PV (JA, Hareon), EMS (Flextronics) and battery testers (Cadex). Gareth completed his MBA studies with the UK’s Open University in 2015. His wealth of industry experience coupled with a high level of technical affinity and market understanding helps customers get the best solutions for their applications.


"Safe and durable battery solutions for marine and submarine applications by EAS"


•                     Understanding the advantages of LFP in batteries for marine and sub-marine applications.

•                     Outlining the options for Hybrid vs Full-Electric vessels.

•                     Reviewing risk assessment and management considerations.

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