Mr. Huw Wyn Hampson-Jones

CEO, OXIS Energy Ltd.


BA(Hons) - Chief Executive Officer.

Huw graduated with a degree in Political Theory and Government from the University of Wales, Swansea. He began his career with the Unilever Group. Later, Huw transferred to Sales Management with Harris Corporation and moved to work with McDonnell Douglas Information Systems in a European business development role.

In 1990 he joined Siemens where he became Senior Vice President, Line of Business Telecommunication for Siemens Business Services AG. Huw moved to work in Sweden where he specialised in high technology company development for European venture capitalists. He was involved in successfully leading the trade sales of both iD2 Technologies AB and Mobeon for 250m and 350m SEK respectively. In April 2010, Huw joined OXIS Energy Ltd and has since successfully raised $70m to further the research and development of cell and battery technology.


Deploying Lithium Sulfur Cells & Battery Systems Technologies:

The Global Market Contender How OXIS came to develop Lithium Sulfur technology and the research and development processes therein.

Lithium Sulfur vs Li-Ion – the latest data, target markets and applications best suited for Lithium Sulfur Technology Production Scale up.

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