Dr. Arden Johnson

Fellow Scientist, Electrochem Solutions, Inc.


Arden Johnson holds the title of Fellow Scientist at Electrochem Solutions, Inc., located in Raynham, Massachusetts, near Boston.  Electrochem is a leading supplier of high energy power solutions for the oil-and-gas and subsea markets.  Arden holds a B.S. in chemistry from Yale University and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Stanford University.  He has been engaged for more than twenty-five years in research on primary and secondary lithium batteries, with a particular focus on high-energy lithium-based batteries that operate under extreme conditions.


Colder, then warmer:  battery operation at varying temperatures

Battery performance can vary greatly under different loads and temperatures.  Often it is necessary to start up a device under conditions that are very different from those under which the device will ultimately operate.  In this talk we will compare the performance of different lithium primary chemistries over a range of conditions, including mixed temperatures, with a focus on high power and pulsed discharge.


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