Dr. Andreas Nyman

Senior Battery Specialist, Intertek’s global advisory group for batteries and fuel cell


Andreas Nyman works as an Senior Battery Specialist at Intertek’s global advisory team for batteries and fuel cells. He works with projects involving primary and rechargeable batteries and helps clients with developing testing programs, analyzing battery failures and developing battery models. Andreas Nyman has a PhD in electrochemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has more than 10 years experience in battery testing and battery technologies. Intertek is a global leader in battery assurance and testing services and can test products to various ANSI, CSA, IEC, IEEE, USCAR, UL, UN, and SAE standards. Intertek assesses more than 20,000 batteries each year, covering all chemistries and sizes.


The biggest challenges for battery design are to optimize energy density, power density, charging time, life, cost, safety and sustainability. Modeling and simulation are very efficient methods that can assist researchers, developers, and designers in meeting these challenges. The optimization of fundamental components of the battery; such as electrodes, electrolyte, and separator; and the understanding how their properties affect the performance and safety of the battery can be accelerated using modeling and simulations. The systems for thermal management, current collection, and state-of-health monitoring can also be developed with high-fidelity multiphysics simulations. During this talk, challenges for battery design will be discussed and examples will be given how they can be addressed with mathematical modeling.


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